How to Create Video with Pictures and Music

As we know, there are many different kind of video, such as video which show some funny, horror or happy moment, commercial video, tutorial video, music video, or video which show some other people talent and etc. 

However, you have to know that you can do more with your video. Especially today where technology and information are highly developed and used by people around the world. 

Using Pictures, Photos, and Music for a video

Aside from those kinds of video explained above, there is also some kind of video which not requiring you to record something first. You can use your favorite photos and music and then create video with pictures and music just by using some applications that can be downloaded in the app store or by visiting a website via online and then following the site’s instructions. 

You can make it on your smartphone. It will be simpler, yet cooler and faster way to create and post your video on social media.

Why DO We Make Video with Pictures and Music

If you want to make a captivating video, one of the strategy you may use is to create video with pictures and music. This kind of video is popular now because you can make a memorable video using photos, pictures and music that can be your favorite choices. 

Using your own pictures, photos, and music, then you can combine those three with the help of different video slideshow makers which are available on the market, or you just need to visit a website. It will allow you to share your life’s memorable moment such as, birthday, graduation, wedding, party, and etc, on the social media such as YouTube, in an unforgettable and beautiful way.

 It will make your video more captivating not only for you, but maybe also for other people who watch your video in social media. Especially when you post it on your own YouTube Channel, it can increase the subscribers and viewers. 

There might be some people who also comment on your video. However, it may not be just a positive comment, but also a negative. Still, the comment itself can be a spirit for you to improve your skill more. 

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When you want to create video with pictures and music by using an application on your smartphone or on your computer, you can follow some simple steps that usually not too hard to follow. 

There also will be completed by some tools, and fitures that can help you create your video. If you already decide your favorite pictures, photos and music that will be used for the video, it will make it easier to create the video faster. 

However, if you want to create video with pictures and music for Your YouTube channel, it will be better if you make it not too long and the content just consisted with the most important part. 

That is because the viewer may not really like long video. Especially for they who visit YouTube just want to have a quick break from their busy activity. It will save their time more.

List of easy video editor