Amazing ideas to make video viral on YouTube

Going viral on YouTube and then become popular in the internet and social media is not a simple thing. Going viral is not something everyone can do with their video. Become viral and popular needs a lot of work and passion to make it become reality. 

However, there are indeed some YouTube stars who already gain so many followers and subscriber in their YouTube channel and become popular. How can they have amazing ideas to make video viral and become popular? Here are some secret behind it.

Make a Good Quality Video

Becoming viral and popular has secrets behind it, especially for Yutubers stars who also starting their popularity from the bottom. They also just an ordinary people like us when they first start to post their video on their YouTube channel. 

However, they found some amazing ideas to make video viral, then they keep on trying to improve their video making skill, and trying to make their idea into a video. One secret of the popularity is making a good quality video.

It means that the quality of the image, the sound, the music, or the pictures is high, clear, and very enjoyable. There is no such cracking or blur. Everything is good and it will help us to make amazing ideas to make video viral become real. This good quality video only can be produced by a good camera too.

 If you have the money, you can invest on a good HD camera. However, camera digital is not the only one that can help you record a good quality video. Today, there are some Smartphone that have really good quality camera on them. 

You can use it to record a video and also for other functions. And if you cannot buy a camera, you can buy a good Smartphone with a good camera on it. 

Choose a Great Title for the Video

Choosing a perfect title is important. It is because everything is starting from the title. We need perfect title for amazing ideas to make video viral. Even when we want to buy a book, we will look at the title first before deciding to buy it. From the title, we can gain the viewer’s interest and make them watch our video. 

From the title, people will know what kind of video we make and what kind of idea we want to share to them. So if we can give our video with a great title, it will help to gain more viewers.

Make video, use these easy editors

A great title means that our video is researchable and short. Don’t make it too long and too complicated. It will become easier for the viewers to memories the title. However, it does not mean that you have to make it too short. At least you can make sure that you clearly explain what the video is about.

Although the content itself is important, the title is the second most important too. That is why you have to choose it carefully.