How to Create Video with Pictures and Music

As we know, there are many different kind of video, such as video which show some funny, horror or happy moment, commercial video, tutorial video, music video, or video which show some other people talent and etc. 

However, you have to know that you can do more with your video. Especially today where technology and information are highly developed and used by people around the world. 

Using Pictures, Photos, and Music for a video

Aside from those kinds of video explained above, there is also some kind of video which not requiring you to record something first. You can use your favorite photos and music and then create video with pictures and music just by using some applications that can be downloaded in the app store or by visiting a website via online and then following the site’s instructions. 

You can make it on your smartphone. It will be simpler, yet cooler and faster way to create and post your video on social media.

Why DO We Make Video with Pictures and Music

If you want to make a captivating video, one of the strategy you may use is to create video with pictures and music. This kind of video is popular now because you can make a memorable video using photos, pictures and music that can be your favorite choices. 

Using your own pictures, photos, and music, then you can combine those three with the help of different video slideshow makers which are available on the market, or you just need to visit a website. It will allow you to share your life’s memorable moment such as, birthday, graduation, wedding, party, and etc, on the social media such as YouTube, in an unforgettable and beautiful way.

 It will make your video more captivating not only for you, but maybe also for other people who watch your video in social media. Especially when you post it on your own YouTube Channel, it can increase the subscribers and viewers. 

There might be some people who also comment on your video. However, it may not be just a positive comment, but also a negative. Still, the comment itself can be a spirit for you to improve your skill more. 

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When you want to create video with pictures and music by using an application on your smartphone or on your computer, you can follow some simple steps that usually not too hard to follow. 

There also will be completed by some tools, and fitures that can help you create your video. If you already decide your favorite pictures, photos and music that will be used for the video, it will make it easier to create the video faster. 

However, if you want to create video with pictures and music for Your YouTube channel, it will be better if you make it not too long and the content just consisted with the most important part. 

That is because the viewer may not really like long video. Especially for they who visit YouTube just want to have a quick break from their busy activity. It will save their time more.

List of easy video editor

Amazing ideas to make video viral on YouTube

Going viral on YouTube and then become popular in the internet and social media is not a simple thing. Going viral is not something everyone can do with their video. Become viral and popular needs a lot of work and passion to make it become reality. 

However, there are indeed some YouTube stars who already gain so many followers and subscriber in their YouTube channel and become popular. How can they have amazing ideas to make video viral and become popular? Here are some secret behind it.

Make a Good Quality Video

Becoming viral and popular has secrets behind it, especially for Yutubers stars who also starting their popularity from the bottom. They also just an ordinary people like us when they first start to post their video on their YouTube channel. 

However, they found some amazing ideas to make video viral, then they keep on trying to improve their video making skill, and trying to make their idea into a video. One secret of the popularity is making a good quality video.

It means that the quality of the image, the sound, the music, or the pictures is high, clear, and very enjoyable. There is no such cracking or blur. Everything is good and it will help us to make amazing ideas to make video viral become real. This good quality video only can be produced by a good camera too.

 If you have the money, you can invest on a good HD camera. However, camera digital is not the only one that can help you record a good quality video. Today, there are some Smartphone that have really good quality camera on them. 

You can use it to record a video and also for other functions. And if you cannot buy a camera, you can buy a good Smartphone with a good camera on it. 

Choose a Great Title for the Video

Choosing a perfect title is important. It is because everything is starting from the title. We need perfect title for amazing ideas to make video viral. Even when we want to buy a book, we will look at the title first before deciding to buy it. From the title, we can gain the viewer’s interest and make them watch our video. 

From the title, people will know what kind of video we make and what kind of idea we want to share to them. So if we can give our video with a great title, it will help to gain more viewers.

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A great title means that our video is researchable and short. Don’t make it too long and too complicated. It will become easier for the viewers to memories the title. However, it does not mean that you have to make it too short. At least you can make sure that you clearly explain what the video is about.

Although the content itself is important, the title is the second most important too. That is why you have to choose it carefully.

​Tips and Tricks How to choose video editing tools

When we want to make a video, we might also need to use some video editing tools to help us make our video better.  However, there are so many video editing tools and programs available in the market. Indeed, it is no need to use all of them because it will waste our time. That is why we have to know how to choose video editing tools for your needs.

When we talk about making a video, there are so many people who already do that for many kind of purposes, such as for promoting importance, video for some marketing strategies, for gaining popularity, and etc. 

They then post and share it on the media social so that other people also can watch the video. If the video watched and like by so many people, for example by million people, it will then become viral and popular in the internet and social media.
However, before we can share the video widely, we have to make sure that our video has good quality and proper to be uploaded. And to make it proper, we need some video editing tools to help us make the video better and more fascinating. 

That is the more reason we need to know how to choose video editing tools which really appropriate and the best for our needs. Here are some Tips and Tricks to choose video editing programs.

The Right Price

When you have no experience in video editing or on the other word you are a beginner, and do not know how to choose video editing tools, you just have to choose program which the range of price is from £50-£100. For the beginner, it is enough to choose the cheap and the easy-to-use video editing program.

Choose Program that Supports a Higher Choice of Input and Output Formats

This criterion is also important because a program that supports a higher choice of input and output formats are usually considered to be a ‘good’ application you can choose for your PC or Smartphone.

Program with Good Editing Features

This is the basic thing that goes back to the very base of your editing needs. When you just want to make a simple video, may be you just need video editing program which has some basic editing features. However, when you want to do more with your video, you need some program that has more choices of editing features. So, it depends on what your basic needs.

Easy to Use

This is sound so simple yet also very important related to how to choose video editing tools. For the beginners, having a simple and easy-to-use program for video editing is important because we can understand the function of that program better and we do not have to spend so much time to make a simple video.

However, when we have a large choices of feature, it also make our choices to edit the video wider, yet, it will be more complicated for us and that make us spend more time to understanding and learning about all those features.

Learning How to Make a Video Viral on Social Media

Talking about how to make a video viral on social media, there are so many ideas which from it we can make some videos. It depends on what kind of video we make or we get. We can share our own recording video which the content is about our self doing something like covering a song, playing some instrument, or trying to guide people to make something or use something. 

However, we can also share to other people when we recording about some unusual cases such as when there is a bad accident in front of us, or recording a video about animals such as cats, dogs, ducks, etc. Making a viral video is not just about what we are doing, it is also about what is happening on our surrounding, and the popularity depends on the viewers.

Why is it important to make a video?

When we talk about how to make a video viral on social media, there are so many ideas about it. It depends on what kind of video we make or we get. We can share our own recording video of our self or we can also share to other people when we recording about some unusual cases. 

Making a video is always become a good idea because we can keep an important moment recorded on a video, and when can save it in our Pc or our Smartphone. In addition, when we feel like remembering the feeling of that moment again, we can play and see it anytime. If we want, we can also share it though social media such as YouTube, so that other people can also see that certain moment that we recorded.

Make a Viral Video

If you are a beginner in this video making and editing field, maybe you will always ask how to make a video viral in social media such as YouTube? The answer is, there are many things that will help you gaining more popularity and make your video viral on social media. It depends on what kind of video you are making, what feeling and what kind of idea you want to convey, and how you share your video.

When we want to learn how to make a video viral in social media, first we have to make a good quality video, both good in the content and the video quality itself. It will make it enjoyable and clearer. Your video also has to be different and must have some uniqueness that other video does not. 

As that uniqueness, it can attract more viewers’ interest. From that we also can get more viewers and subscribers. That is why we have to know if we want to have many viewers and subscribers on our YouTube channel.

Generally you can make any kind of video you want. You can share it too if you want. As long as those videos do not give a bad influence for people, do not have a vulgar content, or do not trigger some controversial and problem for anybody especially for yourself. 

Eventhough your video does not become viral in social media, it still worth it to make some for your own memorials.


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